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5 Signs your website looks unprofessional

When building your own business, it is common to be worried about not coming across as being professional and someone that your customers can put their trust in. One way to show your professionalism is with a website, however this can also have the opposite effect if your website looks unprofessional and if you have not taken the time to really think and plan out your website.

Here are 5 signs that your website is making your business look unprofessional and ways that you can fix them.


1. Your website is too cluttered

How easy is it to navigate around your website? Can you easily find the information you want within a few clicks? Or is it a case of searching through your website to find the information you need. If you can’t quickly find information on your own website then your visitors are going to have the exact same problem, however they will not stick around to find it.

The solution

The solution is to take some time to really think through your website. Look at all the content and think to yourself “What is this telling my audience?”. If the content is not useful to your visitors then remove it. This is a simple way to help solve this issue without hiring a Web Designer.


2. You are using too many fonts

When creating your own website it can be easy to get carried away with using a load of different fonts. A general rule of thumb is to never use more than 3 different fonts on your website, this is because we like consistency. Having more than 3 fonts will cause your audience to think your website looks unprofessional and that you are not someone they want to do business with.

The solution

If you are struggling with having too many fonts, select your favourite and use that as your primary font. Then you can add another font as a heading font or even just as an accent. I’ve often used a serif font for headings and a sans-serif font for the main body of text with a script font as the accent to add a bit of character.

Don’t forget to use these same fonts wherever your brand is being represented. Whether this is on your website, Instagram, Pinterest or even in leaflets, posters, business cards etc.


3. You are using poor/ irrelevant images

Your website’s imagery is as important as the design itself. You could have a beautifully designed website but then use blurry images or images that do not fit in with the message you are trying to convey. Your visitors will see this instantly and it will reflect poorly on your brand.

The solution

One approach you can take to fix this is to hire a Photographer to take high quality photos that have a meaning and help your visitors to visualise what you offer. Another option is to use stock photos. There are so many options for brilliant stock photos that you will be spoilt for choice. Just make sure you are choosing images that are relevant and they will give your website a massive boost.

In case you are looking for free stock photos, Unsplash has thousands of high quality stock photos that you can use!


4. Your website uses too many colours

Using too many colours on your website will make it look extremely busy and can negatively impact your users’ experience. It’s usually best to keep your colours simple and to a minimum.

The solution

Take a look at how many colours you are using on your website. If you are using more than 3, think about what these colours  mean to your brand. For example, in my personal branding I have a dark grey background with white text and blue as an accent colour. Occasionally other colours are used but this is very rare. 


5. Your brand mission is not clearly presented

Take a minute to look at your website and think whether your mission is clearly presented to your audience. Are they going to know what you are trying to achieve? Or will they be left with a sense of confusion. 

The solution

The first step is to make sure that you know what your brand’s mission is. Then you can look at your website and decide if you think it clearly follows the ideas and messages that you want to convey.



Your website is important to your business and making sure that it is professional is crucial. Don’t forget to keep your brand consistent and up-to-date.

If you are still worried your website looks unprofessional, visit my contact page or send me an email at and I can help get your website performing the way it should.