Why your website needs to be responsive

Are you looking at having a website designed and built? Or maybe you’re doing it yourself. Either way you should know the importance of mobile responsiveness and what effect having a mobile friendly website can have.


Accessibility is an essential part to web design and development. One of the most important forms of accessibility is mobile responsiveness.

Over 60% of all internet users are on mobile devices so it is a fair assumption that most of the users on your website will also be on mobile. If you don’t have a mobile friendly website, you will essentially alienate a large percentage of your potential audience.


Whether your website is mobile friendly or not can have an effect on how credible and professional your business looks. 

One of the ways in which a mobile friendly website boosts your credibility is that it shows your users that you care about their experience and that you have taken the extra bit of time to enhance their experience. Also your users and customers will know that they can view your website on any device at any time.

In contrast to this, if your website is not responsive, your users may get irritated when using your site. This can prevent them from purchasing from your site or recommending it to other people, causing your website to be unsuccessful. 


Finally, having a mobile friendly website has an impact on your website’s SEO. If your website is responsive then it can give it a boost and appear higher in the searches on Google. This is because Google recognises how many users are on mobile nowadays and they don’t want people to have a poor experience.

While making your website responsive can have a positive impact on your website, if it’s not responsive it may have the opposite effect. Google doesn’t like websites that aren’t mobile friendly and will penalise your website if it does not have a good level of responsiveness.

To sum everything up, it is crucial to have a mobile friendly website and it is easier than ever to incorporate this in your website. While it may take a bit of extra time, it is a crucial step to ensuring you have a high quality website.